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Advent Season Discussion

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This week Richard and I were joined with 3 grand daughters! We pulled out the Christmas village and train, set up the nativity, made cookies, stitched up a Santa Clause elf to sit outside on a bench, and lit the 4th Advent candle. We explained the candles of hope, peace, joy, and love, as well as the Christ candle to be lit on Christmas day. As we were offering up the lesson, Ava chimed in: "I love our gingerbread cookies! I love riding my pony!" Of course, the other 2 laughed and joined in with all of their "loves" of Christmas. At their age I could not expect them to fully understand the love that a father must have to give up his only son, to share the human experience on earth, and die for us. Even through a child's evening prayers, they cannot yet grasp the love of a relationship with Christ; too young and too naive to know cruelty, sin, betrayal, loss - the human condition. Through all of our frailties and failures, God still loves us and sends us His son so that we may be healed and know the pure love of Christ.

As we light the 4th candle of Advent, let us pause for a moment and feel THAT MUCH LOVE!

Nathan Nixon


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