A Letter: Support Our Students

Dear Church,

Below is a letter our brother Richard Ely sent to the Witness Committee regarding the students we support via Pura Vida. Please consider writing a letter and giving, if you're so inclined, to encourage and support these two children of God!

Witness Committee members, Thanks for New Dublin's continued support of the Pura Vida student sponsorship program. As you know, it's been a tough year for education here in the U.S. In Guatemala it's been even harder. Our students had to make do with virtual instruction, but with extremely limited resources and infrastructure. As a result of the nationwide Guatemalan lock down and extended school semesters, Pura Vida still does not have year-end grades and status for most of the students. We hope to have the information by early February. In the meantime, we are maintaining our temporary maximum student gift limit of $50 for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to send our sponsored students letters of support. Sponsor letters to the students are only sent twice a year. The deadline for the winter sponsor letters is February first. Please consider sending a short letter to our two students this coming week. They are really grateful for your personal interest in their progress and of course greatly appreciate any financial gifts ($50 limit per gift) in addition to the annual educational financial support that New Dublin provides. You can email your letters to letters@puravida.org and address the letters to Anallelie and Pascual. In your email be sure and identify the student by using the name and student ID numbers below.

Anallelie Teresa Conóz Gómez (GU-QCH-0083) Pascual Alexander Ordóñez Guox (GU-POC-0038) Thanks for all you do Richard